What is Remote Assistance ?

Remote Assistance is a way for us to connect to your computer from our office.  After we are connected, we will be able to view your computer screen and chat online with you in real time about the current problems. You will be able to sit back and watch our technicians move around your screen and fix the problems at hand.


  • You must have either Windows Messenger or an e-mail account such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.

  • You must have a high speed internet connection such as DSL or Cable in order to use Remote Assistance.

Other important information regarding Remote Service.
Only you initiate the Remote Service and you always remain in control of your computer.
The Data is secured by 256 bit encryption.
If files are needed to fix your computer, we can download these files to your computer.
Once we disconnect from your computer, we can not get back onto your computer without
you granting us access.   


Operating System Tune Up
and Computer Updating
Just like a car, your computer needs a tune up to stay running as good as it was when you bought it.  We will clean out unwanted Viruses, Spyware, Blue Screens.  We will update the OS Security Patches and hardware updates that are needed. $10/
15 mins.
Software Setup Service Just bought that new application or game?  Need an expert to install?  Let us install the software you want. $10/
15 mins.
Network Issues If you’re having network problems and want us to take a look at what is going wrong, give us a call. $10/
15 mins.
Peripheral Need that new Camera, Printer, Scanner, Web Cam or any other peripheral setup? $10/
15 mins.
Virus Removal We will find and eliminate that virus that is causing your computer problems. $10/
15 mins.
Spyware Removal We will remove all spyware, adware and other malicious programs on your computer. $10/
15 mins.
Error Messages Need help with error messages that pop up on your computer? $10/
15 mins.
Email Problems We can set up your email, train on email, and fix any kind of email related problems. $10/
15 mins.
Microsoft Office Questions
(Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage etc.)
Do you have a question on a Word document, want some help in a PowerPoint presentation, or have an Excel question?  What about making a webpage in FrontPage?  We can help you out with any of these issues and more. $10/
15 mins.
Back-Ups Do you want to make sure you are backing up the right information with your daily, weekly or monthly backups?  Are you having issues regarding the back-up program? $10/
15 mins.
PDA’s and MP3 Players We will sync you PDA to your computer. We can also set up your MP3 player so you will understand how to add and delete songs. $10/
15 mins.