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Reinstallation of
Operating System
Upgrade or install the right operating system for your computer.
Software/Application Let us figure out what’s giving that application problems.  We will reinstall/update/upgrade the application.
Application Installs Install spyware applications, cd burning software or any other software you would like installed.
Memory Installation We will determine and install the type of memory (RAM) your computer needs.
CD/DVD Confused about all those letters?  CD/CDR/CD+/CD-/DVD-R/DVD+R  Enough of that.
We will install a CD or DVD for use in backing up important data and creating music CD’s.
I/O Cards We will install any internal cards (sound cards, video cards, etc.) in your computer along with the latest drivers.
Hard Drive Install After assessing the situation, we will either install an additional hard drive or replace a bad drive.
Operating System Tune Up Just like cars, your computer needs a tune up to stay running as good as it was when you bought it.  We will clean out unwanted viruses, spyware, blue screens, etc.  We will update the OS Patches and any hardware updates needed.
Data Transfer Just bought that new computer and you want to copy your documents, pictures, movies, songs?  Let us transfer the data over to the new computer.
Clean Up Computer
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Do you have a computer that needs cleaning?  It is a good idea to clean the power supply fan, cpu fan, heat sink, cd rom and the inside of the computer.  Let us do this for you.  We will also clean out your keyboard and mouse. Call
Design It All
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We will design, customize and update Menu’s for your restaurant.  Call
Personalized invitations for any occasion such as announcements for parties, weddings, new arrivals and more.
Web Site
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Need to design a website?  Let us design it for you.
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