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Training Whatever you need help with.  Internet, sending pictures in e-mail, burning cd’s, learning how to use your word processor or just the basics of how the computer works.  We will teach you at your own pace.
New Computer Setup Take the hassle out of unpacking your new computer and figuring out where all the plugs go.  We will also customize it to your needs, install all the updates and any application programs.
Data Transfer Just bought that new computer and you want to copy your documents, pictures, movies, songs?  Let us transfer the data over to the new computer.
Setup Wireless Network Install Wireless Router with Cards or USB to connect two or more computers to your wireless system.  Set up your printer to enable you to print from anywhere in your house.  Set up the encryption that protects your computer from outside intruders.  We will also walk you through restarting the devices in the correct order thus restoring your Wireless Network.  Enjoy sitting on your front porch or by your pool using your high speed network.

High Speed Internet
Whether it be DSL or CABLE, we will get your internet and e-mail up and running.
(Price of ISP not included with setup)  Comcast Speed Test Test your internet speed.
Dial-Up Internet Whether it be AOL or a local ISP (Internet Service Provider), let us get you on the Information Super Highway.  (Price of ISP not included with setup)
Digital Photography We will show you how to use your new digital camera, print pictures, send them to family via email, etc.
Scanner Training We will teach you how to scan pictures or documents into your computer using your scanner.
Anti Virus Install/ Training Install and update virus programs.  We will show you how to scan for viruses, or set up automatic scanning.  We can show you how to keep your virus programs up to date.
Reinstallation of
Operating System
Upgrade or install the right operating system for your computer.
Application Installs Install spyware applications, cd burning software or any other software you would like installed.
Memory Installation We will determine and install the type of memory (RAM) your computer needs.
CD/DVD Confused about all those letters?  CD/CDR/CD+/CD-/DVD-R/DVD+R  Enough of that.
We will install a CD or DVD for use in backing up important data and creating music CD’s.
I/O Cards We will install any internal cards (sound cards, video cards, etc.) in your computer along with the latest drivers.
Hard Drive Install After assessing the situation, we will either install an additional hard drive or replace a bad drive.
Operating System Tune Up Just like cars, your computer needs a tune up to stay running as good as it was when you bought it.  We will clean out unwanted viruses, spyware, blue screens, etc.  We will update the OS Patches and any hardware updates needed.