Malwarebytes Instructions

1Right Click this Icon and run as Administrator. Say yes to the User Account Control.

2Click on Update.

3If there is a new update it will just download.. But if a new version click ok.

4Click Ok for English

5Click Next to continue.

6Click I accept the agreement and click Next.

7Click Next on the information page.

8Click Next where it wants to install for the location.

9Click Next for the Menu Folder.

10Click Next for the Additional Tasks.

11Click Install

12UNCHECK Enable Free Trial of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium and click Finish.

13Click SCAN at the Top.

14First time using you should run a full scan.. So click Custom Scan and click Configure Scan

15Looks like this.

16Put checkmark in Scan for Rootkits and a check in the C Drive and click Scan Now

17Here is what it looks like when scanning.

19Once done it will either find nothing.. Or if it does find stuff make sure there is a check mark in all of them. Then click Remove Selected.

20Give it some time and you should see that it will tell you threats Successfully quarantined. And the message about Restarting.. Say yes. Your computer will reboot. and you will be Malware Free…