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Photo Scanning

We provide a way for everyone in your family to have and share your precious photographs for years to come.  We scan your photos and save them at 300 dpi, they are saved as either minimum compression JPEG or a TIFF file format.  We also hand crop, rotate, color correct where needed and remove large scratches and blemishes. We also can make for you a CD/DVD photo slide show depending on its size, where you can just pop it into your home DVD player or computer to view your pictures.

Photo Scanning at 300dpi  (Call for pricing on larger dpi)

1-699 pictures         $0.22 a picture
700-2999 pictures    $0.17 a picture
3000 and up            $0.12 a picture

Pictures alone on CD $4.00 or DVD $5.00

DVD Slideshow with music and transitions  $19.99 
Click here to see an example
(Video has been sized down to lowest quality settings for computers with slower internet connections.)

Extra copies $4.00 each CD or $5.00 each DVD
We also offer CD labels or Lightscribed labels (Call for Pricing)
We can also provide special enhancements to photos
upon your request.